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NFLT Personal & Senior Concierge Service

NFLT Personal & Senior Concierge Service

NFLT Personal & Senior Concierge Service

Errands & Transportation

Those new dings and dents on your aging parent’s car may leave you wondering if your parent should still be driving. The damage may be a sign that driving safely is becoming an issue due to vision problems, delayed reaction time or confusion. Other warning signs include traffic violations, parking tickets, accidents, getting lost, losing keys or running out of gas. Feeling suspicious, you may have gauged your aging parent’s competency behind the wheel by spending time in the passenger seat while your parent drove. Before your parent’s driving gets seriously erratic, it’s important to have a serious talk about hanging up the keys. Before you broach the subject, it’s best to have good alternatives in mind, such as the senior care errand assistance offered by NFLT.

NFLT Senior concierge assists our clients by helping them do what they are too busy or unable to do themselves. As seniors age, they develop health and mobility issues, and have to turn over many tasks, like running errands, grocery shopping, home care, household management, pet care and even personal transportation.

Your aging parents will likely feel reluctant to give up the independence that driving offers, but the good news is NFLT elderly transportation assistance means they can still run errands, go to doctor’s appointments and visit with friends and family—all without getting behind the wheel. If your parent would prefer reading a book or gardening versus running errands, that’s possible, too, through NFLT senior care errand assistance.

Personal Concierge

 Your day starts early and it is full of obligations to work, family and friends which can make it difficult to accomplish your everyday tasks. We can change that by providing quality services and managing your To-Do list allowing you to enjoy more of your day.

 How can a concierge service really help? We act as your very own personal assistant, but better – we are available whenever you need us. There is no long-term commitment required and you can set the schedule. You simply send us the list and we get it done.  Whether it’s picking up groceries, taking out the trash, doing research for a purchase, purchasing and wrapping gift, or meeting a repairman at your home, we are available to meet your individual needs and look forward to providing the services you need…so just ask!

When you don’t have time, we do!

 Our Personal Concierge Service is great for:

  • Grocery Shopping (includes purchase deliver and put away)

  • “Wait For” service – We will wait for the repair/service person and report their progress.

  • Organizing – Your closet, your pantry, your coupons, your junk drawers!

  • Internet Research for big ticket purchases such as electronics or vacations.

  • Shopping – purchases, returns and exchanges.

  • Special/Emergency Delivery – Lunch, reports, school projects, airline tickets, etc.

  • Party and Event Staffing – Enjoy your party and let us take care of the work.

  • Home Checks – when you are away we will keep an eye on your home.

  • Pet-services – Check in on a new pet, take them to the groomer or vet.

  • Move Assistance – Help pack, confirm movers, change of address cards.

  • New Parent Help – You take care of the baby and leave the rest to us.

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